The 5G Standard

ASN.1 Object Identifiers


Abstract syntax notation (ASN.1) object identifiers maintained by ETSI.

ETSI is a recognized organization under the ITU-T (formerly CCITT) arc. The formal rules governing assignment of object identifier values are given in ETSI EG 200 351.

Since the original 3GPP technical specifications were based on GSM specifications, which use object identifiers under the ETSI node, it was decided that the 3GPP specifications would use the same arc. This ensures compatibility between GSM and UMTS / LTE / 5G networks.
Both ETSI and 3GPP are recognized organizations under the ISO arc. These arcs (ISO...ETSI... and ISO...3GPP...) are used for Internet-related protocols.

The expandable list of object identifiers is available here. For the formal definition of the object identifiers, see the document cited on the right of that page. The tree is not necessarily complete; further extensions may be included in the referenced document.

This table is presented for information only. The formal definitions of the object identifiers are contained in the referenced documents.

For further information on the allocation of object identifiers within the ETSI domain, see .

Allocation of new Object Identifiers

If you are the rapporteur for a 3GPP Technical Specification and you need to allocate new OI values, first check the node under which you need to put them, then propose names and values for each of the nodes. You then need to request the 3GPP Specifications Manager to reserve those nodes. The Specs Manager  will process your request and confirm the allocation by email as rapidly as possible.