The 5G Standard

3GPP Email Lists


3GPP Organizational Partner - ETSI maintains a list-of-lists, containing all 3GPP and ETSI email exploder lists. As the display order is alpha-numeric,the majority of the 3GPP lists are located right at the top.

In order to subscribe to any of these lists, scroll down until you find the list you are interested in, click on the link and follow the instructions.If the list is ‘open’, you will be able to see the archive immediately. However, if the list requires a Log-in, you should follow the instructions below.

Listserv instructions:

  • Those delegates who already have an ETSI username and password (EoL account) should use the list management application on the ETSI site.
  • If you do not have an EoL account, you can still register for a LISTSERV account. Your account identification is always your email address, with password activation used to confirm that you are the owner of that email address.
  • Privileges associated with each account are tied to the email address. Listserv administrators can assign certain privileges, such as list ownership, to certain addresses. List owners can assign list-specific privileges to certain addresses. For example, a list owner may decide that the list archives are to be accessible only by list subscribers. Anyone trying to view the archives is required to log in and if the email address used for logging in is not subscribed to the list, access will be denied. Registering an account does not grant you any special privileges on the LISTSERV server. It merely allows you to use the LISTSERV web interface to perform the tasks that have been granted to your email address by the site administrator or the list owner.
  • Problems encountered subscribing to the 3GPP lists should be sent by email to