The 5G Standard

CT WG4 - Core Network Protocols


Within the 3GPP Technical Specification Group Core Network and Terminals, the main objectives of the 3GPP TSG CT WG4 (CT4) are to specify the protocols within the Core Network and prepare the specifications describing the protocol requirements in the area of:

  • Numbering, Addressing and Identification
  • Access and mobility management
  • Session management
  • Subscription data management
  • Subscriber authentication
  • SMS services
  • Location services
  • Data management and Repository
  • Network slice selection services
  • NF registration and discovery services
  • DNS procedures within 3GPP
  • Separation between Control Plane and the User Plane function
  • Restoration
  • Interconnection between PLMNs

CT4 is currently tasked to design and specify the protocols for the HTTP-based APIs used to access services offered by the network functions to other network functions in the areas listed above within the service-based architecture defined for the 5G core network.

Terms of Reference

The latest terms of reference were approved at at CT#90-e in document CP-203097

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