The 5G Standard

Meeting Registration and Check-in



You must register for 3GPP meetings in advance, as you will not be able to check-in to the meeting to ensure the organization you represent will acquire or maintain voting rights.

To register, find the meeting in the Meetings tab of the 3GU portal ( In the Registration column, click "Not registered" then follow the instructions on the subsequent pages.

When you have successfully registered, you will receive a confirmation email.

Keep this email as it contains important information you will need when confirming your participation at the meeting itself. You can check that your registration has been recorded by looking at the persons list for the meeting, via the 3GU portal. The text "Not registered" next to the meeting on the portal Meetings tab should now show "Registered".

Registration tips

  • You can register to attend a meeting to represent your employer - this is the default - or any other organization, such as an affiliate in the same group of companies as your employer. If you will register to represent a different organization from your employer, the registration application will send an email to the official contact person of the company you register to represent, copied to the MCC project manager for the group concerned, warning him of your registration and inviting him to challenge it if your action is not legitimate.
  • The registration Application will attempt to identify you, using a cookie stored on your PC last time you registered. If it cannot identify you, you will be asked to enter your EoL account credentials or your email address. If the application still cannot identify you, you will be prompted to enter your full coordinates.

Please do not create a new Person record for yourself if you have forgotten your EoL credentials or if you have changed email since you last registered: that action causes issues as we attempt to identify you ( for help)

  • If you do legitimately have two or more personae in our database - for example, you are an independent consultant and sometimes represent one company, sometimes another - make sure you choose the correct persona when registering. If you find you have registered using the wrong persona, please deregister then re-register using the correct persona. An individual may only represent one organization at a 3GPP meeting.
  • You can register for multiple meetings at the same time and you will receive a separate confirmation email message for each. Keep them all!

Checking in at a meeting

When you registered for a 3GPP meeting, you will have received a confirmation email. This message contains a token - an alphanumeric string - which cryptically identifies

  • you as an individual person
  • the meeting in question
  • the organization you have registered to represent at that meeting

The email also contains the URL of a page on the local meeting server where you can enter this token to register your presence. It is essential that you do enter the token into the box in that page and click to confirm.

If you do not check in via the local web page, your presence will not be recorded, and you will not acquire or retain voting rights for the organization you represent.

This electronic check-in procedure replaces the old sign-in paper, which will no longer serve the purpose of confirming your presence.

Check-in tips

  • You can verify that your check-in has been successful by waiting about 15 minutes then looking at the meeting's person list on the public3GPP web via the icon on the portal's meeting entry. Your name should have a "Yes" in the "Attended" column on the far right of the list of people. 
  • If you have registered to attend two or more meetings at a collocated set of meetings, you must check in independently for each one in which you participate.

Printing your badge

The meeting host is not required to print a badge for you: you are obliged to print your own, using a hyperlink in the meeting registration confirmation email. It is available in two sizes (both on the same page) - one suitable for printing on A4, the other on US Letter size paper.

Meeting hosts will provide a small number of badge holders, but delegates are strongly encouraged to re-use badge holders they have retained from previous 3GPP meetings, thus keeping costs down for the host.

Always wear your 3GPP meeting badge visibly whenever you are in the meeting room area.