The 5G Standard

How We Work


Although all 3GPP specifications, meeting documents, databases, reports, working procedures and even information about who-does-what is open to anyone to access. You do have to be a member to attend meetings and to contribute to the new features, or to bring your requirements into the existing body of work.

As with anything worth doing, taking your place in 3GPP takes a lot of effort. There are various types of active participation in 3GPP, these include:

  • Standards watch & networking
  • Active participation (Change request work, supporting contributions, taking the microphone in discussions, off-line meetings)
  • Taking the pen (Rapporteur-ships and elected officials)

Meetings are running on a three monthly cycle, with the Plenary TSG meetings taking place in March, June, September and December each year. Working Group meetings take place between plenaries.

3GPP Meeting Cycle Example (Q2 Example)*


Keeping on Schedule with e-Meetings

The way we hold meetings has evolved due to the restrictions brought about in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, with more Ordinary and ad-hoc meetings being held electronically.

With the return to face-to-face meetings from June 2022, it is generally considered that virtual meetings will still have a role to play for many future meetings on a variety of technical topics.

The 3GPP Working procedures have been adapted to allow e-meetings to be used in the future, if travel restrictions or health measures require.

The 3GPP Rule Book

See our Delegates Corner page about the Working Procedures of 3GPP, for details on the purpose of the project, its partners, the structure and responsibilities of the groups and on the publications produced by them.

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